CHAYN visits the MIT EmTech 2018

I’ve had this blog drafted for some time. Apologies guys. I’m finally getting a moment to really put into words and share some highlights from my trip with CHAYN at the EmTech MIT Tech Review.


Day One – A Delayed Flight – A Joyous First Meeting

Before the of EmTechMIT…

My early flight turned to a late/delayed evening flight. Oh, the annoyance that struck me, over a spot of drizzly cloudy weather. All I could think about was getting to Boston, MA. Counting down the days, hours and minutes. Waking up early ready to go. Oh well, eventually, ( *Cough* thanks a lot JetBlue ) I was finally on the ground in Boston, MA. After a quick 45 minute flight from LGA to BOS. I was on the ground!

It was there at the Marriott Cambridge I met with our Founder and Chief, Hera Hussain. Haha, and of course- she caught the IG clip. WATCH

Fortunately, not caught on tape was me trying really hard not to cry. Meeting such an amazing soul for the first time in real life can actually an emotional impact for some. Actually, when I think about the whole experience the person that I am can’t help to admit that the greatest honor and moment out of the whole trip was getting to embrace a woman who cares deeply about order women in this world. Even the ones whom she may never meet. [CHAYN is for you..]


After being denied an autograph. Heh… ;D We both came bearing gifts. The lovely burgundy velour diamond-studded purse is from Hera. It came in handy as I left behind my small purse for the sake of not over packing.

Such a lovely purse!


My gift to Hera was this lovely custom mug, with CHAYN’s logo & Hera’s signature on the back.
Isn’t this the cutest kitty?
We chatted over my late take out of salty Chinese food. Showered and prepped for day #2 the soft starting point of EmTechMIT. From ideas to how we’ll tackle the networking playing field to tackling CHAYN’s GitBooks.


Day Two – GitBooks – VIP Welcome Event

After doing the morning clean up. We talked more about our game plan, but first coffee. Hera found a great gem not too far from our hotel. Walking distance actually. I order a hot sandwich [sorry no picture… I ate it before I remember to take a pic? 🤷🏾‍♀️ 😂] with a rich Chai Tea.

I wonder if Tatte Bakery & Cafe will open in NYC? As I noticed they only have locations in Boston. Excuse for another trip to Boston?😉


Tackling GitBooks was filled with quite the surprise. We found technical issues from a recent update they’d carried out that required us to re-upload some parts of the GitBooks. Our main focus, (prior to finding the publish button went M.I.A. when you saved the work you’ve done, leaving you stuck) was get the rest of the translations for certain guides such as  DIY Online Safety Guide, How To Build Your A Domestic Abuse Case Without A Lawyer, and a few others in various languages. 😬


Doing as much as we could while Hera edited her speech, read it aloud. We left some issues with GitBooks tech support and prepared to make our way to the VIP Welcome Event. We were met with lanyard badges, a warm welcome, and cocktails. 🥂

One of the tastest and cool cocktails served on opening night.
Rhino! Always moving forward. 🙂


Day Three & Day Four – Official Start of EmTech Conf. – CHAYN Speaks

Chalk full of delicious food and, of course, tech food for thought. We powered thru day one of the actual conferences.

The highlights 🤓😍

For Day Two one of my favorites was hearing from Talia Gershon from IBM. I got to learn about how AI can challenge the Quantum Experience. How her team is making it easier to get access to a Quantum computer, from your own computer. Head over to their project Qiskit. And learn more.

Preparing the Industry for AI was lead by Ganesh Bell from Uptake. Mr. Bell, “explains how predictive analytics can help companies across a wide range of sectors increase efficiency.”

J. Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan walked us through our current situation with just how easy it is to hack a ballot machine. As we are already aware of, “Cyberattacks on the 2016 US election” in this funny and real, “live demonstration shows how easy it remains to meddle with vote tallies.” This left many with a lot to think about and Halderman summarizes with solutions on. Hint: Crypto is a great way to start!

Joy Buolamwini the “code poet” created a company called Algorithmic Justice League. “When AI misclassified her face, she started a movement for accountability. This is a lovely inspiration and example for using our minds to fight racial biases.

Niki Bayat Cofounder and Chief Science Officer of AesculaTech was fabulous to get to know throughout the EmTech event. While she shared an overview of her work and her company. It was an honor to hear from her own words on stage just how and why, Bayat, “invented materials that can heal eyes by sealing up traumatic injuries.”

Finally, yes best for the last. The very reason why I am there. Our lovely Founder Hera Hussain of CHAYN speaks. Simply watch the video, I don’t want to do too much of reiterating over myself.

At EmTech 2018, we heard from a lot of amazing people. It was wonderful to see a lot of women and women of color present. Showing us that we can be great. Giving us not just awe, but making it normal for those who in the past couldn’t relate or seeing it from one perspective. I could link every single video and share more. However, I don’t want to make this blog super long. Click the link below to binge watch or simply pick a few topics you love most.

All of EmTechMIT 2018 Events Videos

Day Five – Black History –  Goodbye Boston, MA

Although it all came to an end. We still made a great conclusion to the last part of our trip. We decided to take in a bit of Boston’s culture and check out one of catch one of Boston’s museums. On the way there I noted a few times how similar Boston felt like NYC in some regards. Which would make sense since way back in the days’ settlers were all generally from the same place, and with that, they brought their European influences. A lot of the older style building reminded me of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, with its molding, cuts of brick and selection of stone.

A book about Frederick Douglass.
Jewelry for sale. Created by women in Africa.
A tribute photo timeline to Frederick Douglass.
A non-authentic paper of Martin Lurther King Jr.
Frederick Douglass words on African Amercian women’s suffrage.
African women at work














Exiting the museum and putting the hopeful and at times dark past behind us. Hera had an errand to run, making our very last stop — Getting cannolis. This place had to be famous. Because the line was deeeep! Keep in mind our time wasn’t long, as we both needed to catch a flight about the same time. We waited on line, making jokes and trying not to panic as the time started to crunch. We were almost defeated an Uber was called. I went out to stall and Hera along with her brother Bilal waited on line still for the pastries.

Finally! We were all on our way to our destinations. Hera and I took the Uber back to the hotel to grab our things, before that we said goodbye to her brother. He set out for his own adventure. Some traffic more panicking and rushing. We made it the airport, both saying goodbye as we needed to be at our own Terminals.

Just like that, the amazing trip was over! Jet-setting back to NYC was a quick 45-minute breeze!


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