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When I stop and think about my schedule. There is a lot there! Whether that’s a good or bad thing, depends on how one looks at it and feels about it. I recently got involved with doing a campaign for something I am very passionate about. Sexual Assualt is one of the many things I am always trying to understand, solve and educate on. I took the opportunity when I saw National Sexual Violence Resource Center come out with another one of their awareness campaigns. This is my first time that I am able to put myself in the space to take part in something like this. I get goosebumps because well… I’ll be your host!

People have always said that I’m good with speaking to large groups in settings that make most people freeze up. While I can agree. I do feel nervous every night. Actually, I think I felt nervous every night after I booked the space for the event. Because then I knew.. shit! This is really going to happen. And at the time, I had no-ideas-on-how-the-event-was-going-to-layout. I had ideas, yes, but nothing was properly thought out. That went on for about until the last week of February.  Fortunately, I got friends and family in the mix to help me talk things thru. I wrote more things down. Tried to focus on the theme of this year’s message. Which is Embracing Your Voice. I am most thankful to the people who were willing to help, even if it was telling me. “Hey Tiff — let’s just keep it simple.” Even if, they didn’t contribute their time or didn’t want to come, but wanted to hear how the idea was and give some advice. I appreciated every bit! Now look, the ball is rolling and this is going to happen. While I am admittedly scared shit, I am scared with a plan. The comedian in me will pull me thru.


Once my event is gone. I will be busy with only one Volunteer project (assuming I don’t run out and find more things to get into) and that is Chayn! This, for now, will be a very ongoing project, where I help out with projecting a message that is advocating for inclusion.

What is CHAYN?

CHAYN is an open-source project that leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives. Running solely on the passion of skilled volunteers, Chayn leverages technology to address the problems women face today. We are also a pro bono service to charities who work with vulnerable women.

So far it’s been great to work with a community who share similar values as I do. I am really moved by the fact this was put together by a woman from her own heart and thoughts — and look at just how it’s grown and still growing.

About every Sunday we meet online to work on different parts of goals to help our community. Social media is a very powerful tool, it’s wonderful that it’s being used for good here with Chayn.

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